Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am not fond on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. C has to be at school at 7:30. Which means we get up around 6:30. To early to function. The coffee cannot come quick enough. Although this is the last week for this early morning tutoring program, I got a note last week saying Thursday was the last day. I wonder why? I suppose I should email the teacher on that one.

Speaking of email: is no longer working. I have another email: that I've been using but I don't love the new school set up through Google. I might just open a new hotmail account - but at the moment I am too lazy.

I have that Aflac interview today. I don't think I am going. They never replied with the job title. But it did get me thinking - maybe I should go back to work full time. Life is so busy and S is away so much that it is just really hard to work it all in. We are still up in the air over it. Plus we have all these trips planned for the summer ... excuses, excuses. We need more money.

My store is in a slump this month. I think I need to clean it up and reduce some prices. More so I think I need to rotate the inventory for spring. People are getting ready to by shorts, not jeans.

Blahhh - 7:00. Better go get us dressed and a lunch packed for C. More coffee PLEASE!


Jamie said...

Wow, so you'll have to keep us posted on the possible job thing. How weird that they just called out of the blue, and for the next day too! Crazy!

I hope life can only get better said...

I was supposed to work Friday, but I decided not to because my hands are so bad. Don't want to scare the kids!! T said ine day ould not help/hurt either way. I know what you mean, I love being home and I think it helps D to be focused on him. But the money issue...uggg

eeg said...