Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That's It? That's the Plan?

Yesterday after all the after school drama C feel asleep. When I went up there he looked so peaceful and sweet. Thumb in mouth, knees pulled up to his chest, and a stuffed animal under his arm. I backed out, shut the door and praised a big thank you.

After an hour I went back in to wake him. With juice in had and a big smile I approached his bed. He started crying right away and I easily calmed him down by giving him the juice and a hug. I talked to him about the lunch deal and explained why I was upset over that (just that) and told him he couldn't by lunch for two weeks. He was sad, because he thinks getting pizza on Friday is the "bee's knees". So, one ant hill climbed. Next I asked him if he wanted to talk about school at all and boy did he.

Fortunately Miss T, his teacher, had called before he woke up. This offered me some insight. She had a plan to last us until our testing dates. I wasn't all that impressed with them, but at least it was something. She had alternative exercises for him to do when the other kids are way ahead and asked if I would come to school two days a week to help C stay focused in writing. The area where he is most behind.

Okay, so I talked to Miss T, I talked to C, I related all the info to S. Then S and I talked it to death, then we talked to my therapist about it. Now on Saturday we are taking C to see her. She had a way better plan than the school district and was compassionate and offered lots of idea and ways to help. So, I like her. She cares.


Kim said...

Prayers for C that school will work out for him and for you guys.

I hope life can only get better said...

I am so glad the therapist had an idea and a plan. Maybe god sent you to her for a reason, to help both of you. All my prayers and love, I hate to see kids struggle and feel overwhelmed. I know how it felt as a kid and maybe that is why I am so into volunteering and helping kids.

Jamie said...

Yeah!!! So glad about the therapist being able to help out! How awful, what a nightmare to go through :( I can't wait to hear how it all works out!