Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sometimes It Just Is

The sickness continues. I was really hoping to make it to my exercise class today, but no such luck. Around 9, medicine I took at 6:30 wore off and I started to feel even worse that before I took it. The good news of that is that now cold medicine is working, even if only a little. It was four hour stuff and I was able to take it again at 10:30, but still it didn't seem to kick in enough to go bouncing around a gym. My sinuses are throbbing and I cannot stop sneezing. If I went to class I'd have to bring an entire can of lysol with me and keep offering my gym-mates a squirt of purell. I can see it now

"Okay class, everyone grab a partner - Jamie use your imagination"

Anyway, I cleaned up around the house and folded some laundry instead. After only 40 minutes I am completely pooped and wishing I didn't have the dog trainer coming over today. Commitments - blahhhhhh. Until then I am going to try to figure out my email account. I am not receiving any emails. Not sure what is going on there. Suggestions anyone???

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