Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Not In The Mood

I have a cold. It isn't all that bad. A little bit of a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Just enough to make me feel a little wiped out.

Life has been pretty over whelming lately. The nightmare issue just opened up all this other stuff and it feels like we are tackling so much in order to calm things down. If feels counterproductive and like we are missing our mark.

Years ago I worked with this one manager in the heath care field. To be honest, I couldn't stand him. He was condescending and rude. However, higher management loved him and were fond of his "dedications". But the truth as I saw it was: He was always busy being busy. Because he put in long hours and never took a deep breath he lacked focus and could not prioritize tasks. For more than two years I traveled to the Cleveland Clinic over and over to help him out. When he was transferred out to the Virginia area after that, guess where the company sent me next? Eventually a top manager asked me if I could explain the problem and I candidly told her that it is hard to identify priorities when things are in the moment. I didn't throw the guy under the bus, but I did hint at it.From there we developed a training manual and a goal list that exactly spelled out what the priorities were for a site manager. If seemed to be a very corporate thing to do. Still it didn't fix this too busy being busy manager, it was his way. His waste of time way. And this was a very long explanation to detail how I feel about life at this moment: we are too busy being busy and cannot prioritize.

The bright side, is that S finished school in two and a half weeks. I think once that is done we'll be able to think more analytically and be able to pinpoint the aspects of our lives that are creating the most chaos.

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