Friday, March 12, 2010

Game On Day ??

I got way more exercise than needed today. I was leaving the kitchen and going to go eat my lunch at the table when I noticed a sock hanging from the light fixture! My darling son flings his clothes everywhere. Literally. Anyway it grossed me out so I decided to power clean. I even scrubbed the hearth! Taking five to have some water and them I am going to do the bathroom upstairs and just make sure our room is clean before I pick S up at the airport. Actually I might want to change out of these clothes before I do that last part. LOL.

One more good point: I spelled exercise right. Game On did that. Now if it could just help/train me type the word because correctly. :P).


Jamie said...

Yeah for power cleaning! I usually do that when Zach's away, but the only thing I accomplished this week was super cleaning our room and getting rid of LOTS of JUNK in there! Enjoy your weekend!

Kim said...

Ha Ha my kids are the same way. They just toss their clothes where ever they please