Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Rock, Really???

I volunteered today at C's school. When I arrived all the kids were at their tables writing. My son was playing with a rock. His notebooks were all put away. He had no pencils. He didn't know what he was suppose to be writing.

I jumped in and helped him out as best I could. Later his teacher asked how things were going today and I complained saying that he wasn't working, he was playing with a rock, expressing my concern that there was nothing in his notebook past last Wednesday, when I volunteered, and urged her to help him be more organized. She replied with "I know, we set him up everyday, but..." and she shrugged. What the fuck is wrong with her? I get it, there are over 20 kids. 15 of them need attention one on one in order to learn at their fullest potential. I get it. But for fucks sake, the child was playing with a ROCK! AND HE HAD NO CLUE WHAT ANYONE ELSE WAS DOING!!!!

I am really mad. I almost always side with the teacher, but this is crazy. A ROCK, he was playing with a ROCK. He cannot even sound out words, his phonics are non existent and his reasoning is just backsliding. No wonder, he is allowed to play with ROCKS instead of work! All the other kids were at least three sentences into their stories. So he'd been at the rock deal for a while. A ROCK.

Why did I stop homeschooling? This IEP score crap better get a good result, or forget it, homeschooling next year. A Friggin' ROCK! Not even a damn eraser or pencil or ruler and rock, from the playground. A ROCK!

With all that being said, the day ended better. I dismissed him early for the MD appointment and we drove out to DC - there really wasn't even that much traffic. Then C and I went out to eat and the waiter was so nice. When we were packing up the left overs he asked if we wanted some extra rolls. He gave us a dozen! C and I love these things and were wicked excited. The next time the waiter came back C said "hey, thanks for all the bread" and the guy said "sometime you time it right, we just made a ton and can only keep them an hour in the warmer, and the time was about to end. I could tell you guys liked them (he brought us extras two times) so I saved them all for you." That was really cool. I froze a few of them for another time. But C is going to love his turkey sandwich tomorrow. :P)


Jamie said...

Awesome about the rolls!!! How sweet! That really, really, really, really sucks about the ROCK thing. Why is that teacher not a bit more proactive? It's like she's written him off...which is sad and can't happen! UUUHHHHH

Kim said...

What the world is she doing that she doesnt even know he's not doing his work. Can you request that he switch classes. Maybe its the teacher and not so much C.