Friday, March 26, 2010

Just Let Him Do It

My husband is taking C to school today. They have been back three times. C is going to be late.

A series of events

8:10 all dressed, lunch, back pack, show and share sun glasses, umbrellas, kisses good bye from mom and both boys leave for the bus stop

8:20 in the rain, both boys running back in the house, "Why are all the kids at the bus stop in pajamas?"

8:21 We check the school calendar, there is no mention of pajama day.

8:22 C wants pajamas.

8:23-8:25 we search for jammies that actaully fit and aren't too small.

8:26 We find a pair of Xbox pants that are okay, they aren't clean. I tell the boys they are anyway.

8:27 Boys load in car to go to school - now they have missed the bus

8:28 S runs back in, they forgot C's lunch

8:29 C runs back in, he forgot his sunglasses

8:30 They leave. School starts at 8:40. The car drop off line is crazy - he will probably be late.

I normally despise days S has off on a weekday. Especially in the morning. He sleeps in and then has all these appointments - too busy for me (boo who). So this morning when he actaully got out of bed I was pretty happy. HA. How about this - tell the kid "Sorry kiddo, we didn't know it was pajama day, oh well there is your bus". Or even better "good thing next week is school VK and you can wear pajamas every day!". Seriously, you run home in the rain to check with me about that??? If I had known obviously he would be wearing pajamas, clean ones that fit. Hell - we would have gone to Walmart last night to buy some.

Watch - the kids will all be wrong - wearing their robes and my kid with Xbox high waters.


Kim said...

Rush, Rush, Rush....too funny

I hope life can only get better said...

Stupid, crazy, pajama day!!!! Don't you just love dad's!

Jamie said...

Uh! Leave it to dad's....