Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog Hopping

Have you ever looked at someones blog who you don't really know? I suppose everyone has, at one time or another. Anyway, tonight I caught up on my sisters blog, which is normally self deprecating and ego boosting at the same time. The girl has talent. So not my point though, so anyway, I catch up on her awesome blog and notice a comment from someone with the screen named poopik. Which when said fast is pretty stinking funny. So I hop over to this person's blog.

Holly Crap it was the most boring thing I ever read in my life and the worst thing is ... I COULDN'T STOP! This dude just gives these one liners about his day such as "I am going to make a grilled cheese sandwiches" and We're almost ready to go to D.C., I think. I've packed almost everything. Mara has packed most of her stuff. We're checked in for our flight. Mara is out buying a new pair of shoes at the moment."

The whole blog reminded me of an accident on the highway - you just have to look. Or worse I can never pass a dog that is taking a crap without looking - I ALWAYS notice, Always.

A special thanks to Poopik who proved I have nothing better to do with my day.

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