Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Commercial & Hind N Seek Cleaning

When M and I were little we'd be sent to our room for hours on a Saturday with the pretense of our room needing a good cleaning. HA. I think dear old dad just needed some peace and quiet, but I digress. M and I would pile everything up in the middle of the room and create a huge King of the Mountain style hodgepodge of toys, clothes, and miss matched Barbie shoes. Once the pile was ready we'd spend a good amount of time jumping over it. Our beds flanked the walls and the pile would be in the middle, so we'd go from bed to bed. Eventually dad would make his way in and inform us that we'd better get moving and stop playing around or we'd be there all day. (We were always there all day LOL) Once dad left we'd play Hide N Seek. 1...2...3...4...5...6 one kid would count while the other one put at least three things away and then hid. It would take us hours to get all the crap put away. The funniest part; the room was small. I had a full bed, M a twin, in between the two beds were two small dressers, at the end of one bed was a set of plastic shelves and at the end of the other the door. We probably could have cleaned it in ten minutes and that includes changing the sheets if we weren't so hell bent on playing and having fun.

I think M still does the big 'pile in the middle' sort of thing once in a while, I know I do. But these days I am more fond of the commercial cleaning technique. I put my shows on and park my backside in my favorite chair until the commercials. Yup, takes me hours to do something that could have been done in ten minutes.

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Kim said...

ha, ha This is a great story. I think all of us kids have done cleaning like that one time or the other. I know my boys are like that, Jarrett usually does most of the fooling sround while poor Jesse gets stuck doing the majority of the cleaning