Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rated E

C and I went to the mall today. I suggested we go buy a new video game, what kid wouldn't jump at that chance?!?!? So after school we ventured over to Game Stop. He had three rules to follow:

1. The game had to be rated E
2. The game had to be under 20.00
3. The game had to be one he really wanted to play

I was surprised at how good he was there. A few times he said he regretted chooses only rated E games in exchange for playing everyday, but I was able to redirect him by saying "We are at the store today because you made a good choice, your reward is a new game, so let's focus on that." He chose a racing game that was only 10.00, so I let him get a cute Indian Jones Lego one that actaully had two sides, the other has Kung Fu Panda on it and it was also 10.00. It has been a really long time since I took him to the store and just spoiled him. I feel like the NO monster sometimes because I never give in. I suppose it is different when that is the plan though. Either way, it was really nice for both of us.

In other news: The knew aerobics class is rough! My legs are so tired that I have to think about going up and down stairs. To my dismay the class is more strength training than jumping around, and apparently I am freakishly weak. Oh well, this one runs twice a week, so maybe I will get a few more results than from Zumba, which was fun but didn't really shed any pounds or inches. In fact looking back there were a lot of XL type of girls in there.... Even the instructor ... Hmm weird thought.

Next topic: We found a new babysitter. YEAH!!!! She is awesome, her mom is great and we all love her. She came on Saturday and everything was perfect. We are so excited to have a good sitter. We found her from Craigslist, but really after a bad choice I was ready to give up on that route.

The story: in the fall I used craigslist and found a decent sitter but she charged 8.00/ hr. Recently I needed a sitter and contacted her but apparently she either got a new number or moved. So I posted a new add and had a seemingly nice girl reply that she was 19 and babysat regularly. I figured she was in school or worked part time. When she mentioned she had a big family I thought maybe she was taking classes online so she could help out. We had her over twice.

The first time I tried not to judge her by her appearance, which was sloppy at best, and everyone was all smiles. (she had a five or six inch rip down the thigh of her pants and she was really spilling out of all her clothes) Two days later we asked her over and she let C play a video game on a week night (he wasn't allowed too then) and eat ice cream from the carton after we showed her exactly what snacks he could have.

We got home at 8:30 and he was just running wild, not even ready for bed. I stayed in the car and S went into to get her so I could drive her home. I could see C running through the house because all the curtains were still open and every light was on. S said the front door wasn't locked either! So anyway, S goes in and I wait in the car but it starts to be like five minutes and suddenly my cell phone rings - it is S and he says "Hey I don't know what is wrong with her, I think she is either sick or dropping a duce because she's been in the bathroom since I came inside." I just busted out laughing. In fact once she actaully made it to the car I kept giggling just thinking of what S said.

I kept my composure for the most part, but I was really annoyed by the time I dropped this girl off. She was sending text messages the entire ride. I asked her questions and she only gave one word answers. I found out she doesn't work, barely babysits, doesn't help out at home with her nieces and nephews that live with her, doesn't go to school and has no plans for the future and has no desire to attend any type church.

When I got home I told S I didn't like her and we shouldn't use craigslist anymore. He agreed but we had one more email from the website so I checked it out. It turned out to be a mother from our church who has a 15 year old daughter who has only babysat a few times other than family but who is a really sweet and dependable girl. The mom, H, wouldn't let her daughter come over until she met us. So we invited them over after dinner one night. They stayed for over an hour and they were so nice. So the girl, J, babysat for us over the weekend and it went swimmingly.

We got home around 10:00 and all the dishes were done! Her and C made peanut butter cookies, played games, cleaned up toys, and read books. She even wrote down a list of things she wasn't sure about, telling us that she said no just in case but promised C she would ask and if it was okay she would do it with him next time. Love it, Love it, Love it! This is really a relief. I feel much better about S going away knowing I have a good sitter if I need one.

Another thought: I want to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Furthermore: Yesterday I was way overwhelmed with life in general. Today I feel a little more relaxed. It has been hard to take care of myself and my family, but the balance is starting to be rewarding. Today's class was good.

One last thought: I asked C if he'd like to go out to dinner tomorrow. He said "Why?" and I said "It is my birthday and I need a date." He got the biggest grin on his face and said "Yes, but I don't dress up." I just started laughing and then he said "What, I don't want to get pasta sauce on my shirt." Notice the way he just assumed we were going out for pasta! LOL! This kid is going to be just fine.


作弊 said...

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I am OK said...

What? Anyone reading this don't click on that blog above! It is porn!!! I gotta figure out how to delete it. GROSS.

Jamie said...

Ohhh man! LOL about C's comment on dinner- pasta and dressing up! What a kid- he certainly is yours! haha I hope you have a GREAT birthday!