Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Going Back to Bed

Last night I managed to watch a two hour Idol and a two hour Biggest Looser from DVR starting at 9:30 and ending at 11:00. Can you believe that math? Four hours of TV in 90 minutes. Granted on Idol I fast forward through a lot of Kara's comments - she looked a little out of it yesterday, and on Looser I FF through the deliberation of who is going home. But still minus commercials and a few small parts and geez I would have wasted so much time if I didn't have the DVR. I might be too in love with it.

In other news, I am still sick. Yesterday was pretty brutal. This morning I am able to breath, a little. All in all I'd say I haven't been this sick in a long time. My left eye, ear, nostril are all clogged and runny. What a combo. Yesterday I put some drops in my ear hoping to unclogged it but it hurt so unbelievably bad I had to stop. Then I spent the next two hours with the worst dizziness ever. Finally my equilibrium balanced and I could walk again - although I still have slight dizziness today - but I had that before the drops. Also, there have been other issues ... ones that caused me to loose six pounds since Sunday. Gross.

I've been sleeping in the guest room. Our old bed is in there and boy was it soft and comfortable. I store ALL of our extra blankets on the bed. We have very little closet space here, and I figure why not just pile them up on the bed. There must be four comforters and three extra blankets on there. I slept on top of them all and it was like sleeping on a cloud. Perfect when one is up and down all night. Plus I am thinking I may only have to wash the top one after I am done being sick. But really, I know I will get obsessive and strip the entire room - who am I kidding after all.

Yesterday I got a call from C's school. They are ready to have one of the meetings involved in the IEP and testing. So on Friday I have to go to the school and give them "early history as it pertains to C" according to them. HA! I've already told them, we don't know!!!!!!!!!! Wait until they see the Russian forms. They are going to freak out. There is this entire booklet on him saying he has a neurological disease, which is completely false, false because people who are not Russian can not adopt healthy children in Russia. And that is all we have; a fake record. We know he was probably close to term, his birth mothers may have smoked and may have had two other children. Period, that is it. But alas, I must go and tell them all this again. I just want the plan to be in place so we can start helping our son.

My efforts to be productive are failing. I have sales to wrap up with Ebay and then I am going back to bed. The dizziness is back full force. So not fun.


Kim said...

Geesh, You sound miserable. Sounds like an ear infection. Did you go to the Drs for it? You sound like me staying up watching TV. I watched my DVRed shows the other night too and stayed up till 2am. I was a n idiot! I went back to bed after the boys left for school and didnt wake up till 11:00 I felt like I wasted the day away.

I hope life can only get better said...

Todd was sick all last week, he has one of those annoying coughs that you know won't go away for a while. But sucks that you are sick