Saturday, March 20, 2010

Don't Play For Money

You know, I should know better. S said last night "So tell me again, how come we didn't win if we won?".

Game On is over and our team won. We won by .03 of a point. But the players voted that that was too close and decided to split the winning pot. It isn't really fair. Our team had three people on it and the second place had two players. Which means split 50/50 the other team gets more money than we do per person, even though we won. If I was on the second place team I would have voted to give it all to the winning team, but I suppose that is because I never want to hurt anyone's feelings. S voted to split the pot 60/40 so that each "winning" person got the same amount. But that didn't happen. So basically we all won about 10.00 I think. Four weeks of strict diet rules ... I am not sure if it is really worth 10.00. We could have just played for bragging rights, and that would have been funner looking back.

I didn't know funner was a word?

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Jamie said...

Boy is that stupid. If the rules were in place in the beginning why change them. Congrats to you guys and your team though- that is awesome!!!