Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Siiiiick

The cold is full blown awful now. Even water is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I was up at 5:30 with no hopes of going back to sleep. Hot and cold flashes plagued me all night and have continued this morning. I took some Day Quill and am able to at least breath but the pressure continues. I am hoping I make it to my gym class today, but it isn't looking good.

We had our therapy session with Dr. M last night. It went well. We ended up just talking about C and barely ourselves, but I think knowing that he is going to be okay is the biggest obstacle at the moment, and it felt good to know we were doing good. The doctor suggested going a few months without any food restrictions for C. Can you imagine letting your child eat whenever or whatever they want? We thought she was nuts!

But the doc had a valid point. C isn't other kids. He was adopted. He spent the first nine months deprived of food and love as we show it. Dr. M suggested that somewhere in his subconscious he is having anxiety over this. She laid out a plan that is a little unconventional, and it took some explaining and prodding to get us on board. Her convincing argument was that once C's anxiety over this, which he cannot identify or understand, is put to rest, he will be more apt to be able to identify other sources of anxiety and feel more comfortable at school.

Dr. M was very candid saying clearly "C needs special education, he does have a learning disability and needs to be evaluated not only by the school system but medically too, but he will be okay." She stressed that he will be fine.

So the plan is to get rid of any junk we have left in the house. Honestly there isn't much. We have a box of Pop Tarts, a tin of Pringles, and a half eaten bag of tortilla chips. Non of us are really junk food people. I know, hard to believe huh? S and I love big dinners and hot breakfast foods, C loves yogurt, chili, and of course candy (he is a kid after all). Anyway, our plan is to just let him eat when he wants. He has always been allowed to grab fruit or veggies without asking but now it needs to include anything in the house without a bunch of interference. I swear this child is going to eat us out of house and home. But we are up for anything. If he get's too round who cares? He has all summer to run and play and enjoy life.


I hope life can only get better said...

Because of D's med issues and notbeing able to keep on weight, I let him eat what he wants pretty much when. With him I have to stike while the iron is hot, and I have never wanted to make food an issue. I stock the house with nutrius food(he loves pretzels and hummas and the hummas is a good source of protein) and keep the junk very limited, I can not afford it anyway. He weighs barley 45 pounds soaking wet at 7. On his therapist advice he also leaves the table and comes back due to his inablity to sit and his poor understanding of time. The only problems this presents is with my in laws who do not get why I allow him to have cheese and crackers for breakfast (it's not like he is eating ice cream for breakfast and they are whole wheat crackers people) and wonder while he eats. But thats in laws. All in all the therapist could be on the right track, I have no idea where a lot of D's anxiety comes from, but it is obvious it impacts every other aspect of his social and educational limitations. (I think it is how much of the world confuses him) Hang in there J...I know where you are coming from

Kim said...

Well hope you feel better. You shouldnt go to your exercise class. It may actually make you feel worse getting overheated. Glad to hear the therapy session went well. Letting him whatever and whenever does sound ridiculous from a parent perspective, but I see what the therapist is saying. He might pig out on everything at first, but after a few days it will probably wear off. he'll probably just do it because he can then eventually will settle down and eat normally. Hope you find the good help C needs.