Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Open Letter to MADD

Dear Louden County MADD coordinator;

I don't love volunteering. In fact, I stay away from it at all costs ... Most costs. However when free tickets for Disney are involved my resolve for anti-community becomes shaken. Please know, I would never admit that to you in person.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I do appreciate the impact your associated organization has on our cities here in NOVA. Your ribbon work and coordination on activities helps raise awareness and reminds everyone that drunk driving is one epidemic that can be avoided. You work inspires hope that one day a Mother will not loose her son or daughter to an impaired motorist.

Now that we have all the niceties out of the way; You are a tad over bearing. I don't know how to change my information in the Disney Database. I am sorry you are getting emails on it. I did fold all my ribbon exactly in half the way you showed me. (IT ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE) I did not choose your campaign for volunteering because it was the easiest, I chose it because my six year old and I could do it together. There are only a few options that include kids his age. I didn't choose you just because of Disney - I don't appreciate the remarks regarding that. (see above, how I would never really admit that) I will return your ribbons shortly. Also, obviously I will limit all volunteer activity.

Just another person trying to get something for nothing, but who gets quite indignant when that fact is pointed out to her.

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